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PTCWall - new update

Started by admin 2018-03-29 at 16:07
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Dear members,

In last couple of days PTCWall reversed a lot of earning from our account and from member's accounts.

Due current happenings at PTCWall we had no other choice then to remove them from our site.

We no longer can tollerate their actions and remove our members earnings any further.

Untill PTCWall comes around, we will no longer support them.

Your admins


We have reversed ALL reversals done by PTCWall and you will find your earnings back into your account.

As you already know, for now we have removed PTCWall from the offerwalls page untill PTCWall offers a fair solution to everyone instead shifting their loss upon others and in the end to members like you.

Your admins


Here are the latest news from PTCWall;

Reversals have been finished. So, what's left?
As of now, the reversal process has been completed.

What is left till we are back to normal?
We are working on cleaning up the mess in the database all of this made, refunding the cashout that were requested on the 26th but not sent, zeroing out peoples accounts that we had overpaid prior to being alerted to the issue.

We still are looking at trying to be fully done by this Saturday.

As a Side Note, the Video Jackpot has been set to a bonus rate of +15% and will remain high for a good while.

PTCWall Staff

Well, We have returned PTCWall to all our sites.
Also, we got a guarantee from PTCWall that these unpleasant situations will not happen again.
But we will be careful and if new problems are going to happen, we will remove PTCWall immediately.
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